1. You Come To Me

From the recording Send My Soul

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Lorraine Jordan (vocals, guitar) - John Wallace (bass, electric guitar) - Terl Bryant (drums, percussion)


Written by Lorraine Jordan ©

You come to me
When I don’t want anything from you
You confuse me
When I’m feeling lonely and blue

Take your razzamatazz and jazz
You’re failing to impress
Take your bag of worn out gags
And get the hell out of my head

For I have seen the dark hall that you hide in
I’ll speak not now of what lies inside it
For I have scaled the high walls that surround it
And no longer lie tethered and bound there

It’s in the dead of night
That’s when you like to make your move
You trick me into thinking that there’s nothing I can do
You rope you tie
You try to make a prisoner of my mind
And it’s hard to stand and fight
When all you wanna do is cry
When all you wanna do is cry

So keep your cruel words
I no longer listen
Keep your doubts and your fears
Your small minded ideas
For I have found a way out of this prison
And shone light on my darkest of visions

Oh come on now
Sit down here beside me
I’ll hold my hand out
For you to find me
And we’ll talk ’til the early sun rises
And reveals us in all our disguises

You come to me
When I don’t want anything from you